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Photo Gallery: Roy Ayers at The Blue Room

Roy Ayers
Jazz funk bandleader and vibraphone legend Roy Ayers played two sets last night at the American Jazz Museum's Blue Room. The first set was almost an hour and included a handful of songs that were extended and jammed upon. The second set took place after the room was cleared out and new patrons entered. A few of the same songs were performed, but arranged differently with additional songs added. The crowd -- which included several local elected officials and rapper Tyler, The Creator fresh off his show at The Midland the same night -- cheered the 75 year-old Ayers on and watched in amazement as he, his hypeman, and a trio of Kansas City locals backed him up in performances of "Everybody Loves The Sunshine," "Searching," and others. Other notable moments included the hypeman trying to sell CD's as the band finished the last song of the first set, news that Muhammad Ali had passed during the second set, and a fire alarm briefly going off during a song due to an emergency door that was opened to cool off the packed room. It was a strange and extraordinary evening to say the least.

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