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Photo Gallery: Modern Baseball/Joyce Manor/Thin Lips at The Granada

Modern Baseball
Temperatures in nearing the upper 90's didn’t deter a large group of fans from gathering on the sidewalk in front of The Granada on an early June evening in order to experience a night of emo and pop-punk. The sweating didn’t stop once inside the doors of the venue with the audience quickly packing the floor. Despite many murmurs of patrons not knowing the first opener, Thin Lips, they still remained responsive to the band. There were plenty of crowd surfers and stage divers for Joyce Manor. A chorus of voices sang along to nearly all of the words. Finally, Modern Baseball took the stage and began to play through their whopping 20 song setlist with the crowd singing along and moving the entire time. All of the bands' sets were impressive. Each of them brought a unique ambience to the stage and kept the patrons involved and happy throughout the night.

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