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The Conquerors - "Wyld Time" Stream

The Conquerors at Mills Record Company during Middle Of The Map 2016
The Conquerors have been a band since 2010 and it seems as though every day of their existence has led up to this one. The band released their reverb-drenched, jam-filled self-titled EP in 2013. It was six tracks of pot-fueled, unfiltered psych rock. Then, between November 2014 and December 2015, the band released three singles, each with more pop influence than the last. Now in September of 2016, their slow evolution into the catchiest band in Kansas City is complete and their debut LP "Wyld Time" has hit the shelves.

"Wyld Time" is ten songs of psychedelic pop, rock, and British R&B that the band has been using to whip dancefloors into a frenzy for the past year.  The album's toe-tapping title track "Wyld Time" contains harsh truths about heartbreak, but there can't be a better song to excitedly dance with your crush to. Tracks like "Guess I Was Wrong" and "Turned Me To Stone" include smart, flowery lead guitar parts that could easily pass for early and late Beatles material respectively. Slower, bluesier cuts like "How I Love You" and "I'll Get You Someday" offer much-needed breaks from the imported pop madness on the rest of the record. The Conquerors do no wrong at all on "Wyld Time," but if somehow a listener finds a track unenjoyable, they only have to wait less than three minutes for the next one to hit. This of course is in complete contrast to the songs the band wrote on their debut release -- 4:40 being the shortest of the bunch. Whether it's a dingy bar basement full of punks or an upscale theater full of indie rock fans, these songs can send it up and could take the band to new heights. Regardless of it hits in a commercial way or not, "Wyld Time" is a crowning moment for The Conquerors and for rock music in Kansas City.

Listen to and download the album below and buy a physical copy at a release show, local record store, or online from High Dive Records.

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