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Deaton Chris Anthony - "BO Y" Stream

Deaton Chris Anthony and Broderick Jones at a house party
Andrew Lovgren created the first Deaton Chris Anthony album "BB" in 2015. The album is a sprawling masterpiece of emotional R&B, references to the internet, 20th century pop culture, and the pursuit of love. Lovgren finally brought Anthony to life in 2016 after some encouragement from friends, performing late night skate parties, a Shuttlecock showcase, and debuting a short film and clothing line at Sex + Ice Cream.

Lovgren has now returned to the West Coast until 2018 to complete his mission through the LDS church, however in his final days before his departure he completed a new EP titled "BO Y." The five song EP plays a bit like a mixtape, its songs sounding less like stories and more like bits and pieces of  Anthony's psyche or inner monologue. Those who had the chance to experience Deaton Chris Anthony live in concert this year may recognize some parts of "BO Y." The synths on opening track "Circles" seem to be chopped up bits of The X-Files theme that Lovgren incorporated into his Bobby Nagasaki DJ sets. "Tony Hawk" was a major highlight both times it was performed, offering Anthony's following a chance to wipe away their tears and party for a moment -- fans of his emotional side shouldn't worry though, he ends the song rapping about crying into his pillow. The EP ends with a song titled "Dogs," a lush synth-filled ode to Lovgren's skateboarding friends and their movie "Døg" that Lovgren had a part in. Fans of the soundtracks of It Follows and Stranger Things will feel right at home on "BO Y." The new EP may -- and probably should -- confuse any first time Anthony listeners, but diving into the rabbit hole of Deaton Chris Anthony's music and persona is part of the fun. We wish Lovgren the best on his journey west and hope that Kansas City will be lucky enough to dance with Deaton again one day.

Stream "BO Y" below.

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