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An Interview with Deaton Chris Anthony

Today we'd like to formally introduce you to a very special Kansas City artist. Andrew Lovgren is a 22 year-old from Olathe, Kansas and is something of a renaissance man for the internet age. He has made two full skate films, travels as a Latter Day Saints missionary, and records a unique and emotional style of R&B music under the name Deaton Chris Anthony.

In his current time at home in-between missions (which he will return to in the fall) he is working to release a new album as Deaton Chris Anthony with an accompanying film and clothing line, as well as perform a series of intimate live shows. Lovgren preferred to conduct the interview over audio recording, but made sure to throw in a special welcome and outro just for Shuttlecock listeners. We have also left some timestamps if listeners would like to hear different parts of the interview. We hope you get to know Lovgren a bit better and get excited for the summer of Deaton.

0:00 - Special introduction

1:27 - How he began making music

4:46 - His two skate films, "Symirroretry" and "Freeling"

8:28 - What inspires the Deaton Chris Anthony music

11:56 - Going from hating R&B to loving it

12:29 - Drawing inspiration from Salvation Army trips

13:30 - Differences between Deaton songs and his songs as Löv

14:35 - Playing his first live show at an Escapist party

18:36 - The healing process of traveling as an LDS missionary, drawing inspiration from it

21:19 - Returning home, meeting new people, and work on upcoming projects

25:00 - Balancing time between different hobbies/projects

27:17 - Future Deaton movie, Lovgren and his relation to Deaton; more details on upcoming projects

30:00 - How he began sewing a month ago

31:58 - Final thoughts, helping yourself by getting to know others

35:00 - Special outro

Listen to the first Deaton Chris Anthony album, "BB," here.
Get updates on his projects on his Instagram.

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