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Hometown Highlights: Donnell, Jonah P., Lazy + more

We're back with another set of new local tracks for you to dig into. Fans of hip-hop, dance and techno, post-punk, and quiet guitar tunes all have something to look forward to here. Press play on a few of these and find your new favorite local artist.

Donnell - "Roads"
"Roads" is the closing track to "Nudepink," Kansas City rapper and singer Donnell's debut release. The track plays like one of the emotional swan songs that Kanye West often closes his albums with. The young emcee and Good Colors associate raps about his future over an upbeat piano tune before crooning the hook all by himself and giving a charming commencement speech of to close out the album.

Snakeoids - "Chameleon"
Snakeoids is the solo electronic project of Ian Teeple. While many most likely know Teeple for his gigs playing guitar in The Fog or Warm Bodies, Teeple is just as capable of creating fun music without a stringed instrument. "Chameleon" (off his new EP of the same name) is a vibrant techno track full of strange samples, synths, and an ever-present breakbeat.

Weaver - "Members Only" (ft. Stik Figa)
Lawrence rapper Weaver is back again. The nimble rhymer just cut a track with two of the most respected area heads and it didn't disappoint. Conductor Williams (f.k.a. D/Will) of BLKFLANL and Heartfelt Anarchy handled the production and Topeka's Stik Figa offered a feature. Figa opens the song up and spits his entire verse followed by Weaver saluting him then doing the same. "Members Only" is a bit more to the point than some of Weaver's past output, lacking any hook or chorus, but it seems as if a switch-up like this did nothing to phase him.

Lazy - "Nostalgia"
Lazy has been keeping quiet on social media all year and not gigging all that frequently. The old Kansas City trio with a new lineup seems to be keeping busy though. The group has quietly been posting new material on their Bandcamp page every so often, and despite possibly not being completely finished (from what a message on one page says) the new songs are the best they've ever made. "Nostalgia" is a song that sounds like it could be taken right off of The Wipers' "Is This Real." If you're a fan of snappy, sharp post-punk, this was made for you.

Tidecruz - "Camp Love" (ft. UtilityCloset)
Tidecruz has been up to a lot since our strange interview with him. The young musician made a trip to New York, declared himself dead and changed his stage name (before changing it back), and has been on multiple Twitter rants about artistic integrity. Despite leading his followers on a strange journey, he has still been making the somber tunes his fans love. "Camp Love," a duet with Canadian singer UtilityCloset, is a love song filled with beautiful, quiet vocal melodies, guitar plucking, and subtle electronic percussion. Despite the eclectic and modern mix of sounds, it still manages to feel fresh and even outdoorsy, as the title may suggest.

Jonah P. - "Say My Name" (ft. Tione)
Lawrence, Kansas producer Jonah P. just released his debut EP "Mars." The EP is full of interesting electronic grooves, rap verses, and local collaborations. The final track on the release is a bit of a tribute to the classic Destiny's Child track "Say My Name." Jonah P.'s take includes vocal help from Tione of Lawrence collective Vivid Zebra. This updated version includes all the hazy synths a 2016 R&B fan could ask for. A key late night pick.

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