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One year ago today I launched SHUTTLECOCK Music Magazine. The first article was a review of Rae Sremmurd concert I attended with my friend Nadine. I had just graduated high school and wanted somewhere to write about music since I wasn't on a newspaper staff anymore. Initially, I thought of it just as a good portfolio for my work. After receiving some encouragement, I decided to make this website the best I could.

In the year that has passed SHUTTLECOCK has posted 27 concert reviews, 84 photo galleries, 27 album streams, 10 interviews, and several other features. We also hosted our first showcase event back in January. It went better than I could have imagined with tons of friends showing up and having a great time (thank you Judy and the whole staff at Mills Record Company). I'm very excited for the next one.

I've had the chance to collaborate with several incredible young artists, writers, and photographers,  to create interesting and exciting content. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them all.
Jillian Shoptaw, Ashley Ferro, Hudson Luce, Tim Thongone, Scott Munroe, Cody Blanchard, Matt Perrin, Roman Scott, and Nadine Alzubbi all took time out of their routines to volunteer their writing and photography services for this website and I can't thank them enough. (While I'm at it, if you're a young music fan in the area and want to get involved, let me know!)

Of course, I would like to thank all of the great musicians of Kansas City, Lawrence, and the surrounding area for their continued support and for doing what they love every single day. Y'all make doing this easy.

I can't be 100% sure what SHUTTLECOCK will look like another year in the future, but I am incredibly proud of what has been accomplished so far.

And thank you finally to you, the readers. See you at the gig.

-Aaron Rhodes

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