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Photo Gallery: Jocko / Dead Dads Club / Contrast / Slowdeath at Middle East

Friday night's gig brought together a few different sounds and crowds at Middle East. Headlining the night's show was Omaha crew Jocko, wrapping up their spring tour. The group's affinity for rock raps in the style of Rage Against The Machine and, fellow purveyors of the Omaha stylee, 311 were front and center, colliding with hardcore grooves that recalled the blockbuster bands of Revelation Records' late eighties roster.

Closing out the show was the first full band performance in a year for local bedroom pop act Dead Dads Club. While a small handful of crash cymbal hits drowned out bandleader Alice Ryan's delicate vocals on a couple early songs, the group's dynamic steadied as the setlist went on. The backing of bassist Patrick Sanders and drummer Bennett Weaver injecting new life into Ryan's primarily acoustic songs and showed her inching closer toward the appreciation she deserves.

The small amount of moshing that took place on Friday night happened during a short but sweet set from Contrast. Like their sister band Devil's Den, each Contrast set is tighter and more biting than the last. The show was opened by Slowdeath, a new band of familiar faces from Kansas City's melodic punk scene. Channeling the energy of nineties groups like Jawbreaker and Leatherface, Slowdeath's emotive songwriting and sincere presence proved to be superior to many led by their peers.

Full photo gallery here.

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