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Photo Gallery: Soul Glo / Bath Consolidated / Burnt at Kum-N-Go

Soul Glo
Following a tumultuous Midwest run that ended prematurely due to legal troubles, the members of Philadelphia hardcore band Soul Glo reconvened in Kansas City back on April 12 for their second show here in nearly a month's time. The band played a short set that ended shortly before 1 A.M., but hardly needed long to make a lasting impression on the crowd that showed up. As Kansas Citian Dakota Shipp sat in on drums, Soul Glo's righteously cathartic screamo sound sucked every square inch of air from the basement. Aside from a few mutual shouts of "fuck the police" from the band and crowd, the lyrics that frontperson Pierce Jordan shouted were tough to decipher, but for at least one person attending, the representation of black artists in every act that night was what seemed to matter the most. A moment before the set began, that person joyously shouted, "Everyone is brown!"

Preceding Soul Glo's set -- by what ended up being a while time-wise -- was Bath Consolidated. During Noelle Johnson's first digital hardcore rampage of the evening, she toppled the backlined drum kit and multiple buckets of paint. Within a few short minutes, half of the basement's floor and several punks were covered in the same light brown tone. Many retreated upstairs after this initial bout of chaos, while a dozen or two were fine hanging out for it. It took nearly an hour after set to rearrange gear, mop, and air out the fumes.

The show was opened by local newcomers Burnt. The punk band's songs focused not on sheer intensity, but on song structure and the almost psychedelic nature of many circular riffs they include.

Full photo gallery here.

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