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Photo Gallery: Supercrush / Big Bite / Puzzlehead / Youth Pool / Obscenity Plugs at Kum-N-Go

Supercrush. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
Dubbed the BigCrush tour by its co-headliners, cult favorite Washington rock bands Supercrush and Big Bite stopped at the Kum-N-Go on July 2. Supercrush served up the warm, gooey 120 Minutes pop hooks that their fans long for, despite playing too briefly for those songs to become as immersive as they intended. A similarly concise performance from Big Bite was also the only drawback present as attendees were hypnotized by the band's whammy bar-friendly shoegaze.

Despite crafting an intriguing aesthetic through their lyrics and visual art, the last minute addition of Vancouver's Puzzlehead proved to be a dull one. The group is shown to be a quartet on their Bandcamp page, so perhaps they were down a key member; regardless, the art rock-infected post-punk the live trio performed held zero energy and left much of the room vexed.

Youth Pool conducted the evening's most successfully moody set, standing in front of their blotter-style banner, bathed in their custom purple lighting. Bennett Weaver performed gloomy pop songs as Obscenity Plugs, alone on his guitar. As enjoyable as some of these songs are, Weaver's voice was pitchier than normal and failed to break through the jangly, fuzzed-out wall of sound he had created on his six-string.

Full photo gallery here.

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