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Shuttlecock Presents: Hardcore In Kansas City Is Back

Flyer by Tanner Spreer.
Since ancient times, a sect of Kansas Citians has made a tradition of celebrating the fourth of July. Is it because they believe in patriotism? Hell no. Freedom? In some sense of the word, I suppose. The reason these people ("the punks") light their explosives, imbibe to excess, and make profane noises is because, on this day, nobody can tell them not to. As the eyes of the state are averted, distracted by tributes to God and country -- corporate fireworks shows, gatherings at local landmarks, The Lake -- rockers from the City of Fountains are free to blow up refrigerators, antagonize friends and foes alike with lobbed firecrackers, and dance hard to rock-n-roll music, creepy-crawling through clouds of smoke while dripping a mix of humidity-induced perspiration, cheap booze, and all-American rage. What better day is there for hardcore punk to return from a 16 month hiatus than on this day?

Don't miss Kanssas City's Big Water, Valta (first show), Sarin Reaper (first show), and Big Spin. The gig is taking place outdoors at The AV Club in the West Bottoms (1400 Union Ave. KCMO) on July 4, 2021. They haven't hosted a rock show before, so don't fuck the place up, please. All ages. Doors at 7 P.M. and music at 8 P.M. $5 (pay what you can, or more). Attendees are encouraged to be vaccinated or wear a mask.

Click here for the Facebook event.

UPDATE 6/18: Gorbza had to drop off the show, but Big Water is taking their place.

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