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Live This Week: July 18 - 24, 2021

Living Colour.
There are many various assorted gigs and shows happening in the Kansas City area this week. Nearly all of the ones worth attending feature local acts. The one tour worth catching? It's tonight. Everclear, Living Colour, Hoobastank, and Wheatus play Grinders. Are you a complete loser and your best years were the nineties and you want to relive them? There you go. Too young to have seen these bands back then? Check it out. Want to go to be goofy and ironic? Be my guest. Whatever you do, just have a blessed time and be safe.



Everclear w/ Living Colour, Hoobastank, and Wheatus

July 18 @ Grinders KC (KC)



Sarin Reaper w/ Purgatorium

July 18 @ Private location - ask a band (KC)



Lava Dreams w/ Kat King

July 19 @ 9th & State (KC)

21+ - 8pm - Free


Buy something from the web store, asshole.



Radkey w/ DJ Thundercutz

July 21 @ recordBar (KC)



Alison Hawkins

July 21 @ The Mockingbird Lounge (KCK)

21+ - 8pm



Thursdays with DJ Street King and Marks My Barber (ft. Clarke)

July 22 @ Velvet Freeze (KC)

8pm - $5 


Midwestern w/ Joshua James

July 22 @ The Rino (North KC)

18+ - 7pm - $10



Arquesta Del SolSoul w/ Dreamgirl and Blvck Hippie

July 23 @ Lemonad(e) Park (KC)



Rich The Factor w/ J Stalin and J Diggs

July 23 @ Blvd Nights (KC)


Black Light Animals w/ Jass

July 23 @ Velo Garage & Tap House (North KC)



Cat Daniels w/ Trivia Night, Bryce Eiman, Vestri Dreaming, and Tenant

July 23 @ Kind-Of A Barn (Excelsior Springs)

8pm - Free - 18+



Les Izmore & The GOATS w/ Back Alley Brass Band, Sam Wells, and Chalis O'Neal

July 24 @ Lemonad(e) Park (KC)



Faith Maddox w/ Oeskese and Window Seat

July 24 @ 1408 Kentucky St. (Lawrence)

7pm - $5 (PWYC)


Saloon Summerfest (ft. Star B, Jass, Effie, Bombay Jay + more)

July 24 @ recordBar (KC)



The Grisly Hand

July 24 @ The Ship (KC)

9pm - Donation


Dylan Earl w/ Drugs & Attics, Blanky, and Dylan Pyles

July 24 @ Studded Bull (KC)

$13 ($10 with cowboy hat) 


Godzillionaire w/ The Soiled Doves and Blood Daubers

July 24 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

10pm - $3 - 21+

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