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Kye Colors - "1-800" (ft. Southside Dame)

Southside Dame and Kye Colors. Video directed by Kendu.
Kye Colors and Southside Dame's latest track is kind of like a margarita slushie a friend hands you in the later hours of a party. You're already a little tipsy. You reply, "A margarita and a slushie? Hell yeah, bro," before downing the concoction without hesitation. It tastes great. You feel great. You love it.

I say this because "1-800" is 1) an intoxicating late night R&B jam, perfect for an outdoor summertime kickback and 2) because, like that margarita slushie, the sample of Christopher Williams' "All I See," a vocal interpolation of Big Pun's "I'm Not A Player," and smooth new bars from Kye and Dame are all blended together in such a way that it feels second nature (the production was handled by Kye and Micah Nicole). 

The video is really just an extra gift that Kendu, Shawn Riddle, and the rest of a star-studded crew involved have delivered us. Kye and Dame take a joy ride in a Jeep, deliver bars parked outside at Swope Park, and film faux call girl infomericals, all the while surrounded by a bevy of beautiful hometown babes. Also of note: Dame went back-to-back with two exceptional collab tracks between this one and "Bron & Melo" with Zarin Micheal. Credit where's it's due.

Watch the music video below.

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