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Cole3k - Recent SoundCloud releases

Cole3k. Image via Instagram.
As we discussed on his recent Shuttlecock Podcast appearance, Cole3k is still a fan of releasing music on SoundCloud despite the relative dip in relevance the platform has seen over the past few years. Since releasing his debut EP, Lovesick, back in November, Cole's four most recent songs have all exclusively been hosted on his SoundCloud page (for the time being at least). All four are worth hearing.


The first of the four, "Eyeliner," is a jittery 90-second pop song about an online crush. The next track, "Savior," is another love song, this time adopting the rhythmic bounce of a DJ Mustard club hit. Then there's "uNme" -- a song that focuses specifically on the transformational power that a relationship can hold. "Fate," the most recent of the four songs, is another affair of the heart, but recalls the era in which emo aesthetics began crossing over into pop music with acts like Metro Station, 3OH!3, and Fall Out Boy in 2007 and 2008 (in the catchiest and most positive of ways). Unless these songs are old or not inspired at all by his personal life, Cole3k seems to be in love and that's a beautiful thing.


Listen to all four songs on his SoundCloud page here.

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