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Dwalk - "Off Da Dribble"

Dwalk. Video directed by JuanShotThat.
One of my favorite emojis is the smiling purple devil. You can draw your own conclusions about what that says about me as a person. The fact of the matter is that I often find myself pulled toward, in magnetic fashion, music that makes me feel like that emoji. Kansas City rapper Dwalk's first drop of 2021, "Off Da Dribble," is a prime example of smiling purple devil music.

The song utilizes the piano runs and bass lines traditional in Kansas City hip-hop production, but opts for a lower key than usual, giving "Off Da Dribble" that sinister, Halloween-esque quality. Walk spends the track's brief 90 seconds recounting his recent courtship with Quality Control, travels to Atlanta, and other exploits that have followed the hometown success of his 2019 single "Freak Block Tales." Though he's dropped two EPs and some singles since it, "Off Da Dribble" seems as though it may be the most likely to elicit the same type of riotous response that "Freak Block" has received.


Watch the song's music video below.


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