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Khari Rufus - "Soul Searching"

Khari Rufus. Directed by Nate & Nick Littlejohn.
One of the first projects that the Middle Of Nowhere team worked on together was the music video for Khari's "Say You." Now, roughly three years later, Middle Of Nowhere and Khari have reunited for his latest, "Soul Searching." Jumping back and forth between scenes dressed as two of TV's most charming and comforting characters, Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers, Khari kicks raps that juxtapose the energy of the two, taking on both weighty introspection and a zombie apocalypse. Despite the lyrical thrill ride Khari purveys, his mesmerizing flow and Lim0's warm throwback beat leave the listener feeling nothing but blissed out.

Watch the music video below.

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