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Kye Colors - WOW

Kye Colors. Photo by Zay G. (@HeavyZay).
Over the past few years, Kye Colors has demonstrated that in addition to being an exceptionally talented rapper and producer, he can be something of a ladies man; a heartthrob, or as a couple past songs have put it, "a mack and a player and a pimp." His latest five-song EP, a surprise release today called WOW (short for World Of Women), could be seen as the culmination of this persona. Included is his recent collab single with Southside Dame, and three other tracks that test his ability to forge smooth R&B grooves -- all of which are sturdy. While Kye has become a bit of a hometown celebrity as of late, he hasn't forgotten his roots or let his string of successes go to his head. The closing track, "Keep Ya Head Up," interpolates The Five Stairsteps' "O-o-h Child" as Kye raps tributes to individual family members and perhaps one for a special love interest. Count this as another step forward in his trek from Wasteland to worldwide.


Click here to listen to the full EP. Kye performs at the Encore at Uptown Theater tonight -- click here for tickets.

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