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Zeph France - "My Mind"

Zeph France. Photo by @andreguzmah.
Multiple local rappers I hold in high regards have been singing the praises of Zeph France over the last few years. I had checked out France's 2019 album, Jan 28th, and while his talent as a storyteller was evident, there wasn't a song that really stuck out and the project as a whole didn't win any repeat listens from me. Fast forward over two years and France has released his first track since that album. "My Mind" is immediately catchy without forgoing any of the songwriting qualities that initially gained him the admiration of his peers. His head clouded by volatile emotions, shallow friendships, and some potent THC, France is vulnerable here, trying to piece things together along with the rest of us. Hopefully we hear more from France sooner rather than later.

Listen to the song below.

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