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Shuttlecock Presents: Choir Boy / Riki in Kansas City

Choir Boy
Choir Boy is a Salt Lake City band that makes dream pop for zombies, vampires, and other various ghouls. Really, it's just like if a bunch of DIY scene musicians wrote songs for The Cure and turned the knobs labeled "catchy" and "gothic" all the way up. My personal favorite songs? "Sweet Candy" (the backing vocals on the chorus kill me) and "Toxic Eye" (I always find myself singing along saying, "toxic guy," kind of like on that Jimi Hendrix song, you know?) Joining Choir Boy will be Los Angeles synth-pop act Riki and Kansas City's very own Silicone Prairie (one of the very first live appearances that Ian Teeple's latest project will be making). In all seriousness, this will rule and Kansas City is very lucky to be getting a gig on what was previously going to be an off date for the bands.

Catch the show on March 16, 2022 at Farewell Transmission (6515 Stadium Dr., Kansas City, MO). Doors at 7 P.M. and music at 8 P.M. It's all ages and the suggested cover is $10 (PWYC).

Click here for the Facebook event page. Invite a friend or two.


[UPDATE - March 16 - 2 P.M.: This show is unfortunately canceled. Choir Boy ran into some van issues in Denver and won't be able to make it to Kansas City in time to play. They told me that they will make sure to play a cool show for us next time they're coming through the Midwest.]

Flyer by Tanner Spreer

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