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Watch: Piss Kinks - Final Set at recordBar

Piss Kinks is dead, long live Piss Kinks. I would have to go run the numbers, but since the Kansas City punk band's first gig in December 2021, they played on average at least two shows a month (if not more). I saw them a total of nine time between then and now, but I'm willing to guess their total number of sets landed somewhere between 15 and 20 -- pretty ridiculous. The lights that burn the brightest often burn too fast. (That's a thing people say, right?) Anyway, when fans learned that last week's show with Show Me The Body and Soul Glo would be the band's last (only two days beforehand), I knew this would be an important set to capture in its entirety. From what I can collect, it's also the band's first and last show on a proper venue stage. Enjoy.

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