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Words and Photos: Worn / The Runts / Spine / Brittany Tilander at Farewell

Worn. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
Date: June 30, 2022

Farewell - Kansas City, MO

Last night's gig at Farewell featured hardcore acts from both coasts of America (if Pennsylvania is considered coastal; I'm not sure). Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania's Worn just began a two-week run that includes the Midwest, South, and West Coast. The band's muscular, nearly metallic riffs gave young fans ample reason to stomp across the floor and swing their limbs as they pleased.

Worn's tour mates (for the majority of their trek) The Runts are a Los Angeles band with a somewhat peculiar backstory. After forming the band as teenagers in the aughts and playing for a few years, the band parted ways in 2010 and didn't reemerge until 2020. Now full-grown adults, The Runts played like they were still a pissed off gang of kids. Vocalist Nicolas Carabajal could be seen jumping in place and high stepping as his band motored away behind him, playing some of the fastest and tightest punk rock the Farewell stage has seen this year.

Spine played yet another set of unshakeable Midwest hardcore that likely placed fear into the hearts of all the musicians who would follow them on this evening. Watching these guys play as the sun set behind them (if you could catch your breath long enough to peer out the venue's front windows) was blissful. These are the times you feel proud to be a Kansas Citian.

Comedian Brittany Tilander opened the show with a playful (and at times impish) 15-minute set of material ranging from the joys of Worlds Of Fun people watching to the pitfalls of dating as a bisexual person.

[This show was booked and presented by Shuttlecock.]

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