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Words and Photos: Gumm / Piss Kinks / Dunes Day at Kitten Castle

Gumm. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
Date: July 2, 2022

Kitten Castle - Kansas City, MO


Gumm can groove. The Tennessee hardcore band returned to Kansas City for the third time on Saturday and gave the holiday weekend crowd a memorable evening. Rockers may recall that their last visit was to Parker 2 just two days before the coronavirus shut down live music. The band was happy to be back and treating attendees to melodic post-hardcore jams and tornadic hardcore punk.

Before Gumm could pick up their instruments, however, there was a brief first age situation to be attended to. During the Piss Kinks set, two different moshers emerged from the pit bleeding from their heads (do not worry, they both made it home in one piece). But that's the nature of a Piss Kinks set it seems. No area band other than Spine is currently capable of conjuring up such a chaotic dancefloor.


The evening began with a set from Dunes Day. Unlike at some past sets, the drum/sample pad that played electronic bits of the band's more recent material had been stripped away, allowing for a more basement-friendly setup. Vocalist/guitarist Brenden Shy noted that one song during the set was a "basement show exclusive." The group's takes on punk rock varied from jangly and rhythmic to mean and bratty -- something for everyone.


[This show was booked and presented by Shuttlecock.]

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