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Photo Gallery: Toys That Kill/Rooftop Vigilantes/Shy Boys/The Conquerors at The Blind Tiger

Rooftop Vigilantes
Rooftop Vigilantes made their return to the stage late Friday night. The band just dropped their third album -- "Let It Be" -- and celebrated its release by playing a release show at The Blind Tiger. While the crowd never lost their minds, the Vigilantes did their fair share of freaking out. Touring San Pedro punks Toys That Kill played a set early on in the show, but that didn't stop several fans of the band from demanding an encore. High Dive labelmates Shy Boys and The Conquerors also played supporting sets. The Conquerors were on fire for the entirety of their set and Shy Boys debuted a couple new songs -- one featuring some fancy harpsichord tones emitted from their recently added fourth member playing the keyboard.

Full photo gallery:

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