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Photo Gallery: Weaver x Conductor Williams/Real Adults at Mills Record Company

Friday evening was the first of several in-store performances at the new Mills Record Company location this month. The first two to perform were Lawrence indie rockers Real Adults and Lawrence-Kansas City hip-hop collaborators Weaver x Conductor Williams. Real Adults' warm and calculated style of modern indie rock was a pleasant way to welcome in any Westport passers-by stumbling in. During the second set, Conductor Williams' beats played somewhat softly over the PA, causing Weaver's delivery to be less than powerful. Despite the lack of noise and energy in the room, the duo's set of space-themed hip-hop proved to be plenty enjoyable.

Join us at Mills Record Company tonight (July 9, 2016) at 6pm for the second Shuttlecock Music Showcase: a free show featuring Deaton Chris Anthony, Tidecruz, [Explicit Content], and Narc Parade.

Full photo gallery:

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