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Photo Gallery: Shuttlecock Music Showcase #2 at Mills Record Company

Deaton Chris Anthony
A few dozen teenagers, an incredible staff, and a rotating cast of other visitors showed up to see Shuttlecock's second showcase early Saturday evening. Local snot-nosed punkers Narc Parade kicked the show off with an ode to hating cops and several songs off their demo tape, likely frightening or confusing a few casual record shoppers. Rap trio [Explicit Content] performed second. Izzy, J-Tone, and WontoN performed two tracks from their collaborative EP and premiered a couple tracks they had been working on individually to the delight of several new fans. Tidecruz's set involved the producer and songwriter projecting video clips from his travels and adventures on the wall as he manipulated and played along to a lush electronic audio piece created specifically for the night's show. Deaton Chris Anthony closed out the evening's festivities with a set similar to his formal debut the previous week, but this time receiving a wildly enthusiastic response from the small group that remained. Anthony performed hits from "BB," played an outrageous saxophone solo without a saxophone, and bumped the party up another level during his Bobby Nagasaki DJ set at the show's end.

We're incredibly grateful to Judy and her staff at Mills Record Company, all four acts, and every single person who took the time to attend last night's show. Seeing a room full of young people from several different walks of life hanging out, talking music, and working together in a positive way was one of the most rewarding experiences we've been blessed to be a part of yet. There were no disputes, no trash talking, and no egos; just community and friendship. If you were there, thank you. If you missed it, you're officially late. See you all next time.

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