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Premiere: Rooftop Vigilantes - "Trains Get Critical"

Photo by Scott Rohr
On July 22nd, Lawrence rock band Rooftop Vigilantes will release their hotly anticipated third full length record, "Let It Be" -- their first release in three years. While its title and some of the promotional imagery are borrowed from the Fab Four, the Rooftop Vigilantes make pop music in a much more reckless fashion. We have the privilege of premiering the album's second single "Trains Get Critical."

This barn-burning minute-and-a-half track sums up the restless lifestyle that of boatloads of 20-something year-old Midwesterners know too well. Jangly guitars, skate punk bass lines, and a delightfully frantic keyboard part may remind younger listeners of bands like Joyce Manor and older listeners of Jawbreaker -- but with a bit more garage rock influence. While they may have taken a long pause, Rooftop Vigilantes have proven they're still writing some of the catchiest songs in the LFK.

Pre-order "Let It Be" from High Dive Records and catch the band at their Lawrence and Kansas City release shows this week

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