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Photo Gallery: Pixies / Mitski at Arvest Bank Theatre At The Midland

Black Francis of Pixies
Few rock bands of the late eighties and early nineties were as influential as the Pixies. Despite only achieving moderate popularity back in the day, the band has been given a warm welcome back since its reunion in the mid-2000s. The group indulged in performing almost the entirety of "Indie Cindy," its tepidly-received post-reunion album, at its last Kansas City show. Longtime fans, which seemed to make up a majority of the room, were likely pleased by the focus the band put on the hits Sunday night.

Commanding a stage for over 90 minutes is a difficult no matter who is doing it, so just about anyone in the room could tell there were moments of the Pixies 34-song set that weren't on point. That being said, the band's setlist is different on any given night and Black Francis and his gang are pros at reading the room and figuring out when things aren't going their way. This happened multiple times on Sunday night. "Debaser," "Nimrod's Son," "Bone Machine," and plenty of other numbers delighted fans, while other songs grew tired before the band switched directions.

New York-based singer-songwriter Mitski opened the show with a half-hour set showcasing material from her latest record "Puberty 2." Her angelic vocals and silent cool instantly intrigued anyone who cared to pay attention and further dazzled previous fans. Once the room was wrapped around her finger, her setlist leaped from quietly-experimental bedroom pop to something more bold.

"Townie," from Mitski's 2014 record "Bury Me At Makeout Creek," was performed at a decibel level that still allowed for casual chatter, but the intensity that Mitski and her band performed it with were more punk than most basement-rocking hardcore bands. She performed her closing number, "My Body's Made Of Crushed Little Stars," alone on stage, armed with just a microphone and her bass, and the song possessed just as much raw power as anything performed the entire evening.

Full photo gallery here.

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