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Photo Gallery: Screaming Females / Street Eaters / Leggy / The Whiffs at White Schoolhouse

Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females
Don Giovanni darlings and New Jersey punk rock titans Screaming Females returned to Lawrence on Wednesday night for one of the year's most raw and fulfilling rock performances. Moments after the set began, vocalist and guitarist Marissa Paternoster beckoned the standoffish audience forward. Likely impressed by the band's brief showing of power, folks swiftly complied.

The band's ability to launch headbanging metal-tinged slow-burners back to back with punchy, jittery punk jams is enough to wow any crowd. Throw in Paternoster's grim and theatrical vocals and her ability to rip a solo like no other punk guitarist and the band was free to do as it pleased. Paternoster decided to end the 40-minute set by pulling one fan to the ground and howling the words down at him through her bloodied teeth.

Touring support for Screaming Females was California duo Street Eaters. The group's moody drum and bass rhythms were locked in tight, but the compositions it assembled were lamentable in comparison to the headliner's.

Cincinnati trio Leggy purveyed a surfy style of indie rock injected with a strong dose of dramatic lyricism. It's unclear whether it was the PA or the performer at fault, but guitarist Veronique Allaer's vocals often lacked power, and when that power was present, her frivolous use of strange vocal tones proved more off-putting than charming. Arc Flash and Psychic Heat drummer Mark Osman reprised his role as the band's fill-in drummer for one song.

The Whiffs used this show to kick off a nine day tour of the South. Many bands sound their best before hitting the road, but The Whiffs sounded less practiced than usual, or at least more fatigued. The band is backing Joey Rubbish (The Rubs) on this tour as well, so Joey joined them to perform a few songs from his own set.

Full photo gallery here.

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