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Premiere: NA.Westside - "Euphoria/Know It All" Stream

The guys from No Alternatives recently guested on the Shuttlecock Podcast. Solomon, Peanut, and Lonnie talked about their new music and told fans that they would soon be flooding the streets with it. NA.Westside is keeping his friends' word by releasing his new single "Euphoria/Know It All."

The track is from his upcoming project "Yellow Light District" and is split into two parts. The first part is a woozy, rumbling R&B tune made to slow the party down and set hips asway. Westside's restless mind wanders from contemplating his social life in the social media age to yearning for the perfect woman as his rhymes echoes into the night.

That part eventually fades away and a voice announces that it's time for the quiet storm on No Alternatives radio. The ensuing track, titled "Know It All," is a minute-and-a-half love song centered around a quietly-strummed electric guitar and Westside's smoothly crooned vocals. He knows it's better to leave folks wanting more than to give them too much. That being said, hopefully a full length version of the song will emerge with time.

Stream "Euphoria/Know It All" below.

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