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Dame - "Family & Friends" Stream

You can only count on one hand the number of local rappers with more pop appeal than Dame. The Grandview native and UCM student has released his fourth full length mixtape in the past two years and he seems to be growing stronger with each drop. His last single "2 Girlfriends" received plenty of local radio play over the summer, but it's clear that Dame is plotting to return to the airwaves by the year's end.

"In The Mix," the tape's lead single, accompanied by a slick music video from Kendu, is the track most likely to land Dame back on the dial. Dame swims through the song's lush, playful melodies with the skill of an Olympian, deftly pacing out his rhymes and spitting memorable lines that are easy to grab a hold of. It's decidedly a bit more understated than past singles, but that just goes to show that Dame is unafraid of mixing things up occasionally.

His knack for crafting hooks also appears on the ambitious "Tesla," -- "Cop me a Tesla, I bet you I'm droppin' my doors / I just want all of the things that I can't afford" -- but as the tape's name suggests, riches aren't the only thing Dame raps about. The mixtape's opening track, "All I Know," is a heartfelt tribute to his family and closest friends, a topic that Dame often returns to with renewed energy and varying angles. Because what's success without having people to share it with?

Stream "Family & Friends" below.

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