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The Whiffs - "Take A Whiff!" Stream

The Whiffs at recordBar last year
Love stinks. Take The Whiffs' word for it. This Kansas City powerpop supergroup can tell you every painful detail about the bittersweet moments brought on by that most infamous four-letter word. Nic Allred (Sucked Dry, Nubiles), Rory Cameron (The Conquerors), and Zach Campbell (Wet Ones, Rooftop Vigilantes) all wield stringed instruments and take turns on lead vocals on the eight song release "Take A Whiff!"

To the untrained ear, "Take A Whiff!" may not sound all too different from any other powerpop recording, but those who pay close enough attention will realize it's a savvy tribute to several different types of rock bands. The easiest of these comparisons is "She Lies," a Ramones-ripping jam if there ever was one. The EP's closing track "Backseat" is a nostalgic look back at teenage love and brings to mind the early seventies sounds of Big Star.

Punks, fans of early rock-n-roll, and victims of heartbreak alike can all find something to enjoy about this one. "Take A Whiff!" is punchy, addictive powerpop at its best.

Stream/download the EP below and buy a physical copy from High Dive Records or a local record store.

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