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Hometown Highlights: X.Wilson, CB, Hyborian + more

This edition of Hometown Highlights features tasteful indie folk from Johnson County, Kansas City variations on trap, experimental tracks from a notable Lawrence musician, and more. Also, two of Kansas City's biggest indie labels -- High Dive and The Company -- are prepping big releases from Bummer and Hyborian respectively. Find your new favorite local band, rapper, or producer below.

X.Wilson - "Glutton"
X.Wilson is a Kansas City producer with close ties to the Vivid Zebra crew and Intelligent Sound. If played at the correct volume (all the way up), his latest instrumental "Glutton" is capable of starting an all-out mosh pit in almost any setting. After 45 seconds of Stranger Things-esque synths, the track explodes into a skull rattling, post-Yeezus masterpiece.

CB - "Intro"
Clarke Blunt (CB for short) has constructed one of catchiest local hip-hop hooks so far this year. The Kansas City rapper is preparing to release his new mixtape "Clarke Vol. 2" and has dropped the project's intro to build some hype. CB scurries over a quick-moving trap beat, spinning tales of a lavish hood lifestyle complete with designer clothing and large stacks of cash.

Carlie Johnson - "Pasadena"
Overland Park singer-songwriter Carlie Johnson just released her debut EP "Pasadena." On the release's title track, the 20 year-old creates charming indie rock loops that ooze a quiet, bluesy feel. Johnson's voice has a clear amount of strength behind it, but still flutters like many of today's indie pop acts. She's a loyal student of both Adele and Lorde while taking steps to develop a more roots-driven sound of her own.

Pure Land - "Front (or) Other Reasons To Fall Behind"
J. Evan Herd writes a stupendous amount of music. When he isn't providing his talents to his band Psychic Heat, he's still working on his own music. Some of his own music is released under the moniker Pure Land. "Front (or) Other Reasons To Fall Behind" is a track from his recently released compilation titled "Selected Home Recordings 2007-2012." Many tracks (like "Front") sound more like rough sketches of rock songs to come, but offer a unique insight into the Herd's songwriting process and experimentation. "Front" lasts only one minute and has no vocal track, but calls to mind the sound of The Who in the sixties, keys and all.

Obscenity Plugs - "Scary Movie Night In Emma's Apartment"
No matter what name or band he decides to write under, Bennett Weaver keeps writing great songs. As his recording project Obscenity Plugs is preparing to become a full band, Weaver has released its second full EP. "Scary Movie Night In Emma's Apartment" is the shortest track on "Graveyard Shift," but its jangly bedroom pop sensibilities and woefully sincere lyricism pair to make it the most memorable.

Squibs - "An Intermission"
Last time Kansas City producer Squibs was on Hometown Highlights, it was for his song "Flux" -- a larger than life rap song that featured verses from Domineko and DEV3N. Squibs' most recent track, "An Intermission," is a stripped-down instrumental piece that possesses a certain hypnotic element. If this truly is an intermission, it will be interesting to hear what follows.

Hyborian - "Maelstrom"
Named after an age from a fictional mythology, Kansas City metal act Hyborian has been crafting a sound of mythological proportions. Signed on with local rock label The Company, the band is will be releasing its debut LP "Vol. I" on March 17th. Hyborian's humongous sound draws heavily from the subgenre of stoner metal, but takes a more modern approach than labelmates Keef Mountain. Slow burning riffs and echoing drums are traded for a galloping pace and hard rock vocals, akin to those of bands like Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Bummer - "Freedom Cobra"
Bummer's split with Texas noise rock band Pinko will be out on April 7th, but the band decided to set loose "Freedom Cobra" first. This party-ready track is simple enough that any neanderthal can headbang along, but is still venomous enough to knock out any seasoned rocker.

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