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Photo Gallery: Tenement/Dusk/Black Thumb/The Whiffs/Hard Leather at The Blind Tiger

The Blind Tiger hosted an extended evening of punk rock and neighboring genres on Wednesday. The show was headlined by Tenement -- a band from Wisconsin that draws more influence from
Hüsker Dü than the tougher SST bands that are shown more love in punk's current landscape. Despite releasing a 79 minute double album in 2015, the trio rocked for only 15 minutes and cut out all frills from the songs they did play. No backing vocals or added instrumentation were necessary for a stellar performance. Tenement along two other Wisconsin acts that they shared members with -- Dusk and Black Thumb. Dusk played half an hour of country-inspired rock tunes (steel guitar and all). Black Thumb was a solo project featuring a vocalist playing keys and manipulating several pedals that resulted in a dreamy post-punk mood and got several rockers dancing a bit more gently than usual. Local support was provided by dirty Midwest punks Hard Leather and stinky powerpop supergroup The Whiffs.

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