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Power Trip Concert Review

Power Trip
March 16th, 2017
The Riot Room - Kansas City, MO

Riley Gale of Power Trip
Power Trip has been touring the country and stopping in Kansas City for years now. The band has played DIY shows with hardcore bands in tiny rooms and opened for Lamb Of God in the cavernous Midland Theater. The Dallas, Texas metal band's Thursday night headlining show at The Riot Room, however, was likely the most people that have ever came out just to see them at a Kansas City show.

Around 200 punks, hardcore kids, and metalheads gathered to witness the return of a band that put out 2017's most critically acclaimed thrash metal album. Released three weeks ago via Southern Lord, "Nightmare Logic" is the logical -- and completely face-melting -- sequel to Power Trip's 2013 record "Manifest Decimation." The solos got more technical, the songs got faster, and when played live, the fans got crazier.
Iron Reagan

A circle pit popped up sporadically in the middle of the room, fans piled on to sing along and occasionally stomped across the stage after invitation from vocalist Riley Gale. The stage's lights stayed at dim tints of green and blue throughout the set, with light fog creeping across the venue. Power Trip's past visits have seen the band executing their performances in a manner just as powerful, but setting the lights to resemble the new album's art proved how dedicated the band was to putting on a thoroughly thought-out set.

40 minutes may sound a bit short for a headlining set, but Power Trip's 40 minute set was just the perfect amount of metal. Spiraling guitar solos pulled from eighties thrash records and creeping basslines snatched from youth crew hardcore songs can begin to drag if they're played enough, so rather than giving the crowd too much, they left them wanting more. Power Trip's fans will be more than ready to see the band again at their next return. And they'll bring their friends.

Formed in 2012, Richmond, Virginia's Iron Reagan quickly became one the biggest crossover thrash bands in America. The band features two members of the wildly popular Municipal Waste and shares the group's passion for party-ready, sing-along friendly thrash anthems. The band bantered about a man who broke his leg last time it played in town to uproarious laughter from the audience. Tracks like "Fuck The Neighbors" riled up the crowd and others like the 13-second "Your Kid's An Asshole" had folks chuckling again.

Local support was provided by Kansas City's Hyborian. The band just released its first LP "Vol. I" and blasted the room with half an hour of tracks from it. In recording, the group has a sound that sounds like it has been prepared for play on hard rock radio, but live, Hyborian has a fresh energy more in touch with some of their stoner rock influences.

Kansas City hardcore punk band AGENT also opened the show, but was missed by most attendees due to playing their 10 minute set before their scheduled time. The band did, however, earn on-stage praise from Power Trip later on in the evening.

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