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Jpino - "RedDustGalaxy" Stream

Kansas City producer Jpino released his "Thirty-One" EP with Intelligent Sound in early 2016. The EP's three nameless tracks totaled only 14 minutes, but introduced intriguing new textures to local electronic listeners. Eleven months after his short debut release, Jpino is back with a 47 minute behemoth titled "RedDustGalaxy."

"RedDustGalaxy" offers up eight unique soundscapes, full of whirring and churning downbeat instrumentals. Each track acts its own planet or moon in a warped galactic neighborhood. The album doesn't include any original vocal tracks, but short samples are dot the release, often echoing off into a song's negative space. Only two months into 2017, Intelligent Sound and Jpino add an essential release to their catalogs.

Stream, download, or purchase a cassette of Jpino's "RedDustGalaxy" below.

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