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Photo Gallery: Shuttlecock House Party - Khrystal. / Nitecrawlers at Kum-N-Go

Khrystal. and Duncan Burnett
Khrystal. and her partner-in-crime Duncan Burnett conjured up so much Black Girl Magic at Saturday night's Shuttlecock House Party that they blew a fuse. Seconds later, as attendees sighed and before anyone could reset the power, the lights came back on and the music roared back to life. People cheered and the party, somehow, was kicked up a whole 'nother notch. Everyone likes to tweet that "shit was a movie," but that moment truly felt like one. Khrystal and Duncan performed tracks from each of her EPs, as well as a new song on which she played the keyboard. Nitecrawlers kicked the show off with a solid set of creepy, lipstick-smeared punk rock-n-roll.

I'd like to personally thank everyone who performed, everyone who attended and donated to the performers, and my roommates for letting me have this show at our house.

Full photo gallery here.

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