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Liquid Swords - "Demo" Stream

Recently-finished Kansas City band Blindside USA was known for playing hardcore music for the punks. Now, Liquid Swords is here to play punk music for the hardcore kids. Formed during the summer of 2017, the young band has already grabbed the attention of many DIY-minded crowds at their gigs and recently dropped their first recordings.

From its pounding, hardstyle introduction to its anti-racist conclusion on "K.Y.L.N.," the Liquid Swords demo is loaded with beefy hardcore punk and two-step moshpit fodder. In addition to his stabs at bigotry, vocalist Jake Streiff also tackles evil evangelist types, egotism, and several other societal ills. Also of note is the stellar drumming of Ethan Payton, who momentarily trades his emo digs -- he also plays in Leg Day -- for thumping Beantown-style bangers with Liquid Swords.

Stream or download the demo below.


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