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Photo Gallery: Nihilistic Fit / Young Mvchetes at Stacy's Place

Fort Worth punks Nihilistic Fit returned to Kansas City on Monday night for another night of asswhoopin' hardcore, partially stifled by the cold. As 9pm rolled around and bands started pulling up at Awful House, the show's promoter deemed the warehouse too cold to gig in and arranged for the show to be moved across town to Stacy's Place. This move somehow resulted in Omaha acts CBN and Effluvium and local punks Mentira dropping the show. The last minute switch also resulted in the show being delayed until 11pm.

Nihilistic Fit finally got to stomping around midnight. Monday night's performance varied slightly from the band's last visit in July. The Stacy's basement provided more square-footage for the punks to wreak havoc in comparison to the cramped conditions at The Snake Tank and they took full advantage of this. The band also employed synthesizer lines and blown-out electronic drums on this tour, furthering the sonic chaos they were already whipping up.

The lone opening set came from Topeka hip-hop crew Young Mvchetes. A majority of the basement was unfamiliar with them and it took a few songs before the punks would indulge the group's requests for participation. Ironically enough, a song that included the aggressive smashing of camcorders and shouts of "Fuck you, pig!" was the one to break down the barrier between the punks and the hip-hop set.

Full photo gallery here.

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