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Live This Week: January 7th - 13th, 2018

As you may know, we curate a very frequently updated local show list on the site, but if you need a quick look at the week's shows you can just check the homepage on Sunday mornings to see all the best shows laid out nice and tidy for you. Have a good week, see you at the gig!

Emily Yacina w/ Yohuna, Dead Dads Club, and Brendan Mott
January 7th @ Decade (Lawrence)
$5 - All Ages - 7:30pm

The Body w/ Bath Consolidated, Throat Breach, and Jewelry
January 8th @ The Ship (KC)
$5 - 8pm

The Rich Hands w/ Salty and Drugs & Attics
January 8th @ miniBar (KC)
Lana Del Rey w/ Jhene Aiko
January 9th @ Sprint Center (KC)

Yanna w/ Dom Chronicles, Sauce, Kartez Marcel, and Khrystal
January 10th @ Westport Coffee House (KC)
$5 - 7pm

Leg Day w/ Bailey Larkin, Walter Kronkite, Liquid Swords, and Counterculture
January 11th @ The Bebop (KC)
Donation - 7pm - All Ages

CS Luxem w/ Karen Meat, Dubb Nubb, and Life Coach
January 12th @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)
10pm - 21+

Gorbza w/ Burnt, Killakee Kat, Liquid Swords, and Microdoser
January 13th @ Stacy's Place (KC)
All Ages - 9pm

Piece Of Mind w/ Misdemeanor, Enemy, and Switchblade 69
January 13th @ Bubba Spins Flophouse & Records (KC)
All Ages - $5 - 7:30pm

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