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Photo Gallery: Spine / Altered Beast / Devil's Den at Awful House

Writing scrawled on the back of one recent Spine t-shirt touted the "death of the wolfpack." If the Midwest Wolfpack hardcore crew is truly dead, then it was its Champion hoodie-clad zombie corpse that reared its head at Awful House on Saturday night. The band called in Minnesota photographer/director Adam DeGross to film a music video for "Warm Now Cold" -- a song from its upcoming Bridge Nine Records LP.

Moments after the band jumped into its first rendition of the song -- it was performed four times throughout the set -- a bag of flour was thrown into the air, covering the warehouse floor and the band members themselves in seconds. An orange smoke bomb, a giant teddy bear, and other items were tossed as dozens of hardcore kids moshed and spin-kicked to their hearts' content. Despite the madness ensuing in front of them, the band never faltered, evoking passionate dogpiles and sing-alongs each time the video song was pounded out.

Altered Beast's opening set was made up of tracks written for its upcoming LP. Devil's Den, a group still in its infancy, proved yet again that it can hang with the big dogs.

Full photo gallery here.

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