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Photo Gallery: Erupt / United Races / Permanent Control / True Self / Devil's Den at Forest House

United Races
Three Houston bands, some Springfield friends, and Kansas City's Devil's Den convened on Friday night to close out what had been a somewhat eventful year for local hardcore. Sub-zero temperatures and frozen, exploded pipes at the Middle East house forced this gig to be moved, day of show, to a friend's living room on Forest Ave. The cramped conditions in the house warmed things up and there a little wiggle room was made up front for those hoping to two-step.

Erupt, United Races, and Permanent Control all served up similarly skilled takes on powerful youth crew hardcore. True Self's set was a little rough around the edges, and transitions became a bit choppy at times, but the band is still fairly new and has room to grow. Devil's Den proved that their strong outing at the first Shuttlecock House Party was no fluke; their hometown dominance has just begun.

Full photo gallery here.

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