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Photo Gallery: Elix-r / Nihilistic Fit / Suzi Q / Warm Bodies at The Snake Tank

Sophia Massie of Elix-r
The Snake Tank hosted a Texas punk rock double-header, along with a one-off from a new Nebraska band on Sunday night. Elix-r, from Denton, preformed a dark and skeletal take on classic punk while leaning on some goth influences. The playing was occasionally a bit stiff, but hardly distracted from the mood the band had stewed up.

Nihilistic Fit, from Ft. Worth, was easily the evening's most aggressive band and called to mind a long line of Texas bands known for dispensing punchy, militant hardcore.

If there's any punk band that should soundtrack the inevitable class warfare induced by technocrat dweebs, it should be Suzi Q. The brand new Omaha outfit -- featuring members of Bib -- made the most of their first trip to Kansas City by slamming through a short set of speedy and squealing punk rock covered in distorted, hacking the mainframe vocals.

Warm Bodies just got home from a tour of the West Coast and sounded just as tight as any touring band should. The band tweaked old favorites enough to thrill avid fans and performed an unreleased track. Watching this band consistently outdo itself is a wonder.

Full photo gallery here.

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