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Premiere: Throat Breach - "Helpless" Stream

Misanthropy, dissonance, and outrageous levels of noise. All the elements that make a worthy grindcore record are present on "Helpless." Throat Breach is the recording project of Kansas City's Ian Turpin that began last summer under the name Napalm Meth. Since making the name change earlier this year Turpin has already released multiple EPs and singles, but this album is his nastiest and most cohesive yet.

Grindcore, like other extreme subgenres, is often written off by fans of popular music fans that claim it all sounds the same. Turpin, however, goes above and beyond on "Helpless" in the name of variance. "Slaves Wrapped In Chains" a 13 second-long jackhammer of a grind song, while "Battered In Oil, Fried In Blood" is a screaming six minute tribute to Southern sludge metal. The interlude that precedes "Battered..." also includes an electronic element.

Many pissed off musicians around the world pick up their instruments and make grindcore due to its simplistic nature, but few understand it as thoroughly as Turpin. This understanding is what makes "Helpless" so special and hopefully what brings Throat Breach to the masses.

Stream and download "Helpless" below.

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