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Photo Gallery: Dauðyflin / Xylitol / Killakee Kat at The Blind Tiger

Icelandic punks Dauðyflin and Olympia, Washington's Xylitol began their monthlong run through North America last week and Tuesday night's stop was at The Blind Tiger in Kansas City. Dauðyflin's moody punk songs were well-structured and created easy fun for experienced slam dancers in the room. Alexandra Ingvarsdóttir's vocals, however, lacked the strong reverb present on the band's records, making the band's live offering slightly less potent.

Xylitol's set likely stole the show in the minds of many attending. The four-piece group's off-the-wall weirdness did not waver once during its brief set, whether that meant the singer was zig-zagging about in front of the stage or imploring the crowd to engage in a "goblin gallop." The band's political edge was not lost on anyone either. A snarling opening monologue tackled apathy in the 21st century, while another song championed the rights of women, LGBT people, and minorities. All of these elements were soundtracked by some of the nastiest hardcore punk tracks of this year and last.

Many punk bands fizzle out within the span of a year or so, so seeing one get to evolve as far as Killakee Kat has is a treat. The band whipped out several new tracks and gave Kansas City a glimpse of snotty Midwest rockers beginning to grow as songwriters. Nancy Boys from Lawrence, Kansas opened the show for their first visit to Kansas City.

Full photo gallery here.

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