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Photo Gallery: All Time Low / SWMRS / Waterparks / The Wrecks at Uptown Theater

SWMRS. Photo by Macey Norvell.
The Wrecks, who currently have only released three songs, opened up Saturday night's show with a short and sweet 25 minute set. Nick Anderson, the band's dancing lead singer spent much of the set off the stage and at the barricade. This seemed to win over the crowd despite the fact that he pulled back from the microphone every time he got into his upper register.

Waterparks followed, delivering a squeaky clean, yet unexciting take on the current flavor-of-the-month pop-punk.

Next were recent Fueled By Ramen signees SWMRS, who were a bit more raw and provided a definite contrast to their well-polished tour mates. Lead singer Cole Becker's screaming, headbanging, and other stage antics did not interest All Time Low's audience, who largely ignored the band's encouragements to form a mosh pit. They did, however, participate by of waving their phone lights back and forth in the air during the slower "Lose It."

All Time Low walked on stage smiling, but quickly appeared to jump into autopilot. Between unenergetic vocal deliveries of their most popular hits, lead singer Alex Gaskarth and guitarist Jack Barakat spoke to each other in dialogues which came off as rehearsed. Several bad wedgie jokes were made in one memorably cringeworthy attempt to appeal to their predominately teenage audience. The highlight of the show came during the encore, when about 20 fans closest to the stage were brought onstage to awkwardly stand behind the band as they played a song.

Full photo gallery here.

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