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Photo Gallery: Ron Gallo / White Reaper / Psychic Heat at recordBar

Ron Gallo and White Reaper. Photo by Macey Norvell.
Ron Gallo and White Reaper closed out their tour together in Kansas City on Saturday night. White Reaper's performance had an energetic audience dancing and head-banging to their old school rock sound. Five musicians jumping around on such a small stage gave the performance a chaotic feel, with band members frequently leaning out and over the crowd. Bassist Sam Wilkerson even hopped down to join the fans himself.

Gallo's set was decidedly more lighthearted than chaotic. He began his set with some dry wit by reading a generic "thank you for being here" monologue off a sheet of paper. When he wasn't wowing the crowd with wailing vocals and lengthy instrumentals, he and his band jokingly played segment covers of Lynyrd Skynrd and Third Eye Blind. Ron added to the quirkiness of the show by scraping the strings of his guitar with a glass plate and against the overhead speakers. To finish the night, White Reaper joined Ron Gallo on stage to sing an a cappella rendition of the Star Spangled Banner -- a fitting touch for the first week of July.

Psychic Heat returned to Kansas City for the first time in nine months. Their ear-shattering guitar work and thrashing-on-the-floor performance style received a warm welcome from the crowd.

Full photo gallery here.

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