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Photo Gallery: White Reaper at The Riot Room

Photo by Macey Norvell
Fresh from a tour through Texas with SWMRS, Kentucky natives White Reaper rocked out in Kansas City Friday night on the outdoor stage of The Riot Room. Despite the cold weather, they played an electric set, jumping  and head banging through catchy throwback hooks. The band members had a natural chemistry on stage, often facing one another and even laying down on top of each other during their final song.

Full photo gallery:

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  1. I think that's one way to put it. Yes they have a chemistry (two of them are twins so that helps) but the band is so insular. They're a gang. And it was hard as a fan to feel a part of the performance. Instead it seemed like these boys were here doing their thing and whether we were there or not, really wasn't important. Congrats to Macey, that was a hard set to shoot for even the Impose Magazine pros who were following the band.


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