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Photo Gallery: Real Estate/Mary Lattimore at recordBar

Julian Lynch of Real Estate
Real Estate played its first show in Kansas City proper on Monday night at recordBar. The band's breezy indie rock and light psychedelia charmed a packed house for nearly an hour and a half. The evening's setlist included tracks from the band's 2017 release "In Mind," but the real crowdpleasers were singles from the previous album "Atlas," as well as 2011 single "It's Real" where fans broke out into massive a "woah-oh" singalong.

Philadelphia harpist Mary Lattimore provided a pensive and inventive opening set that included songs dedicated to astronauts, dying, and eating hoagies by the beach. Lattimore didn't provide vocals to any of her songs, but added interesting elements to her songs by tapping percussively upon her harp with a ring on her finger and manipulating her harp's sounds with electronic gear held in her lap.

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