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Hometown Highlights: Drugs & Attics, Ragk, Sadisfied + more

After another extended break (sorry), Hometown Highlights is back. To make up for the time between updates there are nine local tracks that we recommend below. Kansas Citians offer up larger than life radio rap jams, smooth R&B style cuts, punishing grind, and more. Two entries from Lawrence make the cut as well.

Rory Fresco - "Lottery"
Rory Fresco has said that his next mixtape "Teen Spirit" will hit the web on April 27. What is presumably the project's lead single "Lottery" dropped recently, accompanied by a dazzling music video filmed in Los Vegas. The song's twinkling keys and other instrumental elements call to mind the sounds emitted from casino slots and Fresco's infectious chorus work could make anyone feel as if they hit the jackpot.

Aaron Alexander - "Sometimes"
The warm, starry production of Tonye & Glott! on "Sometimes" seems to pull influence from Thundercat's work on "To Pimp A Butterfly." Aaron Alexander's last drop, "Storm," was his way of flaunting his rap prowess, but his latest offering is more about his fight to be himself and speak what's on his mind. He's not at Kendrick's level yet, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Throat Breach - "Orgy Of Sycophants"
A band with one of the best band names in the city decided to switch it up at the end of March. The group of artists formerly known as Napalm Meth is now Throat Breach. Shortly before this name change, "Orgy Of Sycophants" was released. "Orgy" is a 6 minute tour de force that pulls equally from death metal and grindcore. Throat Breach has posted two more releases since then, including a bite-sized EP called "Prison Birth" that's also highly recommended.

Drugs & Attics - "I Gotta Bong"
Two and a half years after Drugs & Attics' debut EP the band is back with a follow-up. "I Gotta Bong" ends the EP in high fashion. It's a laid back garage rock jam perfect for cranking up on a warm day and sinking into the couch with. The self-titled EP also functions as the first release from new Kansas City label Creep It Real Records.

Kye Colors - "Voicemail"
Colors pulled the track down after releasing it in March, but has recently unshackled "Voicemail" again for the fans. The song channels the recent trend of R&B-dancehall fusion, but does so in a subtle, original way. Colors offers up his smoothest vocal cuts yet on a track about lost love.

Rocky Montana - "Work" (ft. Que, CB, and D-Walk)
Kansas City Core DJ Rocky Montana has whipped up a new trap song. Montana called in Atlanta rapper Que and Kansas City's D-Walk for verses on this car stereo-ready tune. CB also jumps in with the song's most ear-grabbing verse, detailing his dope dealing in his signature duck-and-dive cadence.

Ragk - "Anti-Anti-Fascism Is Just Watered Down Fascism"
Lawrence noise act Ragk has posted a few dozens releases to his Bandcamp since 2014, but some of his most recent material is noticeably more political. The lyrics to "Anti-Anti-Fascism Is Just Watered Down Fascism" aren't quite easy to interpret, but the song's title paired with its minimal, abrasive nature sounds eerily similar to how most citizens feel inside after reading headlines of Trump's recent military actions.

Sadisfied - "Hotel Beers"
Count your lucky stars; Lawrence emo act Sadisfied has released its first full-length. The second track on the album, "Hotel Beers," captures the solace found in having a drink with friends in a way that only a group of Midwesterners can.

Solomon - "No More"
Solomon had a short but impressive set at a February house party and has funneled some of that energy into his newest single "No More." The track is the most professional output so far from a Kansas City rapper that unabashedly rocks a bandage on his face. Bounce to this one.

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