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Nancy Boys - "Negative Nancies" Stream

Jesse Dickerhoof of Nancy Boys rocking out to AGENT
Hardcore punk has returned to Lawrence, Kansas. Nancy Boys is a five piece college town band poised to punch holes in everything that pisses its members off and tear basements and dive bar dancefloors apart. What Young Bull has done for metal in LFK, Nancy Boys is doing for punk.

Vocalist Jesse Dickerhoof's maniacal cackle is the first thing heard on the EP (after a sample from the 1984 film Streetwise). Dickerhoof's gruff, echoing howls are something that any listener should get used to on "Negative Nancies." Along with those howls, unrelenting eighties hardcore riffs and hatred for authority are a couple other things Nancy Boys has a passion for. Drop "Sinking" (or really any of the EP's tracks) on any hardcore punk compilation and it'll sound right at home. While it's yet to be seen if Nancy Boys inspires a new wave of Jayhawk punks, the band's spot in the scene has quickly been secured.

Listen to "Negative Nancies" below.

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